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Who we are !

"Morocco Leather" trademark is fully owned by Artisanat & Deco s.a.r.l , a startup company registered in "the commercial register of Marrakech" under number 53265 . We operate a leather workshop in the heart of Marrakech.
We intervene at the end of a long process of treating animal skins (cow, goat and sheep) beginning by the fermentation procedure using IFRED ( a solution of pigeon poo and tannery waste ) , to the hair scraping , to treatment into pits of lime and argan-kernel ash , before the actual traditional tanning take place using only plants to dye the leather .
After this long process , Our artisans recover a tanned leather of first quality , and took enormous pleasure into transforming it into genuine leather goods that that both preserve the authenticity of the Moroccan tradition, and follows the trend of the world of fashion .